The Next Step in Yoga Anatomy:
Integrated Biomechanics

with Chris Kummer – Monday, August 17 to Friday, August 21, 2020

Build on your practical movement anatomy knowledge from the 200-hour level with this course to discover more of the interconnectedness of your body through a range of yoga asanas.

Yoga posture practice shows us how moving one part of the body has effects across our whole being. This fifteen-hour yoga anatomy module focuses on identifying, understanding and working with these whole-body interactions during asana practice.

The course follows a modern fascia and connective-tissue-based biomechanical approach.

Over three days we will practice and examine a variety of postures of each type: seated, standing, forward bend, etc. With each pose, we discover and experiment with movement directions, force distributions, and tissue engagements. Learn the active engagements of muscles to build tensegrity that protects potentially vulnerable joints. You’ll discover the personal relevance of this knowledge and techniques for your individual body posture. Personal understanding is essential for successful teaching.