Sequencing & The Art of Teaching

with Ron Reid & Marla Meenakshi Joy – Monday, August 10 to Friday, August 14, 2020

This is a 40-hour workshop for existing and aspiring teachers designed to enhance teaching skills for a yoga class, workshop, or private session.

During this training, students will have the opportunity to define themselves as a yoga teacher, to cultivate their own unique teaching voice, and to further develop the skills necessary to adapt and adjust to the ever-changing dynamic in a classroom. In this program, students will learn to design effective and engaging sequencing for a variety of different levels and styles of classes. Successful teachers have the ability to inspire others to continue on the yoga path, and to do so takes an equal measure of challenge and reassurance.

Students will gain an understanding of the following topics:

Refining The Teaching Methodology – Pedagogy

As we learn to integrate and refine our teaching skills we become a more effective guide to others. Students may require varying approaches at times to help them sustain interest. Ultimately an effective teacher is one who can adapt to the needs of their students. We will spend time in discussion around the ethics and language of teaching.

Understanding The ‘Vinyasa’ Within A Pose

By breaking down each pose into a sequence of stages, we are better able to help students and teachers understand “working versions” of the poses and the steps they may need to take to complete them. This becomes a very effective tool in understanding the limitations that any student may experience from time to time, and how to resolve them in a safe and constructive manner.

Sequencing for Levels, Style & Themes

  • We will outline the parameters for teaching different class levels, from beginners up to advanced practitioners.
  • We will work with “themes” in classes, and to begin to construct workshop ideas.
  • There will be discussion around teaching with music, including when to use music, what is an appropriate style and volume for a class, and navigating the varying needs and wants of our students.
  • Students will also have time to learn how to teach with a drum-beat. Learning how to teach to synchronize the breath and movement together to strengthen the flow of Ujjayi pranayama throughout the practice.
  • Finding sequences that target different parts of the body is key for a teacher. Whether it is targeting the hips, the knees, lower back, etc. The tools to hone in on what is needed in any given area of the body will be deepened and refined in this training.

Practice Teaching

In a classroom setting, you get to explore effective cues and sequencing ideas without having the same pressure as teaching a public class. This becomes your best opportunity to hone your skills with positive feedback from an experienced teacher and becomes an essential component in your training.