Modern Day Asana:
Enriching the Relationship between Science and Tradition

with Pat Harada Linfoot – Monday, August 3 to Friday, August 7, 2020

Modern Day Asana is the first core course in our 300-hour Teacher Training program.

Led by Pat Harada Linfoot, co-director of Downward Dog’s teacher training program, this 40-hour workshop explores effective teaching by examining the relationship between science and tradition.

Modern Day Asana examines the tradition of yoga from the vantage point of psychology, philosophy, spirituality, anatomy, biomechanics, kinesiology, and neuroscience, as well as makes sense of concepts like ha and tha, sthira and sukha, form and space, in order to re-evaluate the practice of yoga we see in our everyday lives. It is our aim let go of what is extraneous to make room for the essential.

We’ll use a conscious model of values and principles to guide us in our journey so that we can speak openly about issues like consent, codes of conduct, accessibility, cultural appropriation, and emotional literacy.

We’ll explore actions, yoga archetypes and families of poses, asana, and sequencing in the context of movement, breath, stillness, and rest. We’ll be passionately engaged in the vibrant process of learning and teaching by asking the “whys?” and by understanding purpose, focus, process, and effect.