From the word ‘to begin,’ Suru is a
vinyasa yoga studio that believes you can do
great things when you begin with yoga.

Our Schedule

All classes are drop in unless otherwise noted. You may pre-register to reserve your spot, but it is not required.

*Please note that for your safety and the experience of other students, guests who enter 10 minutes past the start of class will not be allowed in.*

What’s in our space?

Gender neutral bathrooms

Amenities to get you ready

Accessible main floor studio

Lounge + free Wi-Fi

Family-friendly change rooms

Mat storage

Private showers

Mats + props provided

New to yoga or to our studio?

If you’re new to yoga or to our space, no problem! Read our Frequently Asked Questions to familiarize yourself. If you’re still unsure about something, reach out to us: 289.246.9299 or at We love talking about yoga!

Ready for your first class?

Take a look at our Suru Yogi Guide for tips to make the most of your practice.

A note about levels

We believe that yoga is a practice you keep coming back to, but with a different understanding each time. For this reason, we don’t prescribe levels. Whether you are a long-time practitioner or new to yoga, we believe in ‘showing up and doing the work,’ which can mean strength one day and being still another day. ‘Work’ may also look different from body to body and may feel different in your own body from one day to the next.