Event details:
Friday, September 27
8 PM to 9:30 PM

Drop in / class pass / membership

End of the Month Restore with Sarah

This 90-minute class helps to promote relaxation by opening up the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for decreasing the stress hormone in our bodies.

Settle into a non-flowing class that uses blankets, blocks and other props to support you without strain or discomfort.

About Your Instructor:

Sarah B provides a relaxing and soothing environment for you to practice.

Workshops + Events

Workshop details:
Sunday, September 29
2 PM to 4 PM
$40 / PP* 
*fee includes the use of Tune Up balls
in class.
There is an additional $20 if you 
would like to purchase your own set.

Oh Balls Myofascial Release Workshop

Join us for a 2 hour myofascial release (self massage therapy) workshop that uses Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls to help alleviate muscle immobility, tightness, and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, loosening tight fascia, breaking down adhesions, and improving circulation.

Using several techniques, you’ll learn to apply varying degrees of pressure (that you control) to areas of the body (trigger points) that are notorious for feeling tight and may limit your range of motion.

About your instructor:

Jenn first found her way onto her mat in 2013 after receiving a free class pass. From there, she built a regular practice when she discovered the calming effect yoga had not just during class, but in all aspects of her daily life. As a natural progression of her own practice, she enrolled in, and graduated from a 200 hour teacher training program in June 2018. Jenn began teaching around Hamilton that summer, and since then has completed Yin training and Restorative training. She has also trained in Myofascial Release techniques and developed a workshop and class to help people improve their mobility. A life-long animal lover, Jenn organizes “Doga” (yoga with your dog) charity events to raise money for animal rescues.

Event details:
Friday, October 4
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
$40 / PP
(10% member discount)

Explore the Tao: A Yang to Yin Yoga Workshop

Explore yin and yang in your body, your breath and your mind in this two hour workshop. We will transition through yang with a breath focused asana sequence based on functional movements of the body. This will be followed by a yin practice – static and passive postures accessing the connective tissues of the body. Ali will also share more of the Tao Te Ching during the yin portion of the class. The practice will be accessible to all levels of practitioner.

About Your Facilitator

Ali Alexander is a yoga therapist and teacher based in Toronto. She teaches public classes, offers workshops and retreats and is on the faculty of a number of yoga teacher training programs. You can find her class schedule online at ali-alexander.com

Workshop details:
Saturday, October 5
1 PM to 6 PM
Sunday, October 6
1 PM to 6 PM

Investment: $250 + HST / PP

Yin Yoga Fundamentals

Yin Yoga is a form of passive static stretching, that when practiced intelligently facilitates the parasympathetic nervous system and enhances flexibility. This 10-hour course will address the following concepts:

Myofascial Anatomy

• The Science of Stretching

• The Balance between Strength and Flexibility

• The Nervous System (CNS, PNS, with special focus on the Vagus Nerve and Baroreceptors)

• The Essential Yin Yoga Postures

• Practicing Yin Yoga at the Wall

• Teaching Yang to Yin Yoga classes: The Ultimate Practice

Students will improve their anatomic and scientific literacy and will leave with the ability to incorporate yin yoga safely and therapeutically into their classes.

Prerequisite: Minimum 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training

About Your Instructor:

Ali Alexander is a Yoga Therapist and has been teaching yoga asana, philosopy and meditation since 2005. She teaches publicly and privately in Toronto and offers a
variety of approaches to the practice: Yin, Hatha Flow, Yoga Therapy, Meditation and Philosophy.

In her teaching there is always emphasis on breathing and practicing awareness of the present moment experience. Whether moving in sync with it or using it as an indicator of our condition, the breath is the primary guide of the practice. Her focus in asana practice is to guide students in exploring their optimal range of motion with a focus on full functional mobility. In addition to awareness of breath, the use of mindfulness practices for the body, mind and environment are a part of each class she teaches.

She is on the faculty of three yoga teacher-training programs and offers retreats and workshops in all aspects of the practice of yoga.

Workshop details:
Sundays at 7 PM - 9:30 PM
-October 6
-October 13
-October 20
-October 27

All classes are held at The Witch's Fix
6 John Street North

Investment: $160 + HST / PP

Harvest Moon: Yoga + Divination Series

More than a moon circle, this is a four-week astro-lunar yoga, meditation and divination series to harness the energies of the moon for self-illumination.

We are excited to partner with The Ki of Life and The Witches’ Fix to bring a 90-minute yoga, meditation and divination series set to the four phases of the moon.

In each session, we will learn how the moon phase affects us physiologcally, and we will tap into the energies of the moon to release tension in our own bodies. Depending on the moon phase, it may mean a yang practice or a yin practice, or both. We will also incorporate the use of crystals and essential oils as part of healing and setting of intentions.

PLEASE NOTE:Classes will take place at THE WITCH’S FIX at 6 John St.

Workshop dates:

Sunday October 6
Sunday October 13
Sunday October 20
Sunday October 27

Workshop details:
Friday, October 18
5:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Saturday, October 19
9 AM to 6 PM
Sunday, October 20
9 AM to 6 PM

Investment: $400 + HST / PP

Barre Essentials Teacher Training

Learn how to teach barre in a course that draws from principles from classical ballet, dance conditioning, yoga, pilates, functional movement and strength training to create unique and effective movement practice which can be modified for all bodies. As a teacher, you will learn principles rather than memorizing sequences so you are able to create your own barre sequences which are fun, innovative and will bring your clients back again and again!

What Makes This Course Unique:

Cross-Modalities: We bring the best of many modalities together to create intelligent classes that build strength, flexibility and fill in gaps from other movement practices in a fun and non-judgmental way.

Inclusive: You don’t need to have professional dance training or previous experience. We believe that anyone can learn how to practice and teach well with commitment.

Full Range of Motion: Students get stronger and more flexible, rather than just getting end-range movements to look ‘ripped’. Our focus is on moving better and our classes are intelligent and result-focused.

Principles Not Memorization: We will empower you to teach, rather than give you a script to memorize. You will be uniquely qualified to find your own voice and path and will have the tools to become an in-demand instructor!

Key Learning Objectives:

1. Functional anatomy as it pertains to barre;
2. Set-up, technique and cues which systematically target full range of motion for major movement centres in upper body, lower body and core;
3. Progressions and regressions for strength and mobility;
4. Skillful use of props;
5. Counter-stretches and movements to ensure proper cool-down;
6. Modifications for particular injuries or stages (i.e. pregnancy);
7. How to count and teach to music;
8. The art of varied speed;
9. How to creating effective playlists;
10. Intelligent sequencing
11. Adjustments and Targeted Cueing

More About the Instructor:

Morgan Cowie is the creator of Mosaic Yoga in Toronto, ON. She committed to a life of teaching and studying movement more than ten years ago. After completely a degree in academic philosophy followed by years working in Toronto’s cultural industries, Morgan found that yoga practice left her feeling more hopeful and inspired than anything else she had ever encountered. She trained initially at Octopus Garden Yoga Centre in Toronto where she eventually became a part of the Yoga Teacher Training faculty, one of several yoga teacher training faculties she has contributed to before founding and leading the Mosaic Yoga 200-Hour Program.

After years of yoga, Morgan realized the rhythm and conditioning of barre classes was the missing piece to her movement lexicon and she’s studied barre extensively for several years through the lens of ballerinas, fitness trainers and pilates instructors to ultimately create a unique, layered and effective (and fun!) method. Her teachings are suited for communities of like-minded practitioners who love to explore new movement modalities for the sake of health, connection and committed action.

Workshop details:
Sunday, November 3
2 PM to 4 PM
Sunday, November 17
2 PM to 4 PM
Sunday, December 1
2 PM to 4 PM

Each workshop is $40 / PP.
Sign up for all three workshops at $100 / PP.
Members receive 10% off workshops

Backbends to Inversions Workshops

In this three part two-hour workshops, we explore backbends, arm balances and inversions with Dustin.

PART 1: Backbending with Confidence

Sunday, November 3: 2 PM to 4 PM

This backward bending workshop looks at how to safely extend and bend the spine.
We will focus on techniques that involve training the stability of the lower body, and most importantly, opening the shoulders and the thoracic spine. The workshop is taught as an informal class style setting where questions are encouraged to be asked throughout the workshop. We will be moving through various sequences and drills to ensure bodies are open to the next posture that is coming. Open to all levels.

PART 2: Arm balances to inversions

Sunday, November 17: 2 PM to 4 PM

This arm balancing and intro to inversions workshop focuses on techniques to build strength and flexibility toward classic arm balances and inversions. Open to all levels, we will work both the upper and lower body with a brief touch down of lotus prep exercises for building up to some of the lotus hand balances.

PART 3: Root down to rise up: backbends + hand balancing

Sunday, December 1: 2 PM to 4 PM

This backward bending and hand balancing workshop unfolds why mastering the fundamentals of backward bending applies to all of the techniques used in arm balancing and inversions. We will incorporate techniques used in the first two workshops to understand how they meld together. and students will better understand why learning how to do efficient backward bending is one the best ways to create a mastery of other more advanced postures.


Each workshop is $40 / PP (members receive a 10% discount)

Sign up for all three at $100 / PP

About Your Instructor:

Dustin Vieler is a seasoned yoga teacher and practitioner.